AVT/PWR 8" x 12" Ice to Air Chargecooler


The NEW Ice to Air intercooler uses revolutionary seamless round leading edge tube design with internal fin, which incorporates a straight through design improving heat transfer for less pressure drop.

The Ice Tube utilises a unique straight through tube arrangement like the "Liquid to Air" Tubular design, however the "Ice Tube" is designed specifically to run ICE/Water or Dry Ice and incorporates wide 15.8mm Tube Pitch, a Finless Ice compartment, sealed access lid and CO2 Breather fitting which gives this unit a unique design and the first available in the market. No need for a pump, rad, piping - easy instalation - a pure standalone drag use application for maximum power and intake cooling.

...the result..? lower than ambient charge temps with ice, and NEGATIVE charge temps with Dry Ice/CO2

With Dry Ice, the power gains are midrange boost gains are astounding. Some customers have reported inlet charge temps of upto -70 degrees C using this unit, with over 100bhp gains top end on a 600bhp application, and up to 200bhp gains in the midrange due to the fact peak boost is reached much sooner due to the massive increase in air density. Where their engine had previously made 11 psi at 3000rpm, its now spooled so much faster and reached peak boost of 28 at the same RPM, hence the massive midrange power gain. Be warned, make sure your gearbox and drive train can handle it..


Overall dimensions of 605mmx200mmx273mm with 4" tapered inlet/outlets as used on 8" chargecooler cores.

8" x 12" Barrel Core

The Ice tube is a esoteric product that is designed around the drag racing market with excellent results over short bursts like the quarter mile or even dyno shoots.

For Applications : 1200bhp+

As fitted to the World's Fastest Skyline - 7.45 secs @ 187 mph

1990 Mazda RX-7 Series 4 - Dyno Power 1300hp, 0-400m 7.45 @ 305kph