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4" x 6"290mm 57MM400cfm275275.00
4" x 8"350mm 57MM400cfm320350.00
4" x 10"395mm 57MM400cfm350520.00
5" x 6"338mm 76MM720cfm375580.00
5" x 8"378mm 76MM720cfm400655.00
5" x 10"438mm 76MM720cfm450735.00
6" x 6"385mm 76MM920cfm525665.00
6" x 8"435mm 76MM920cfm575745.00
6" x 10"485mm 76MM920cfm650850.00
8" x 8"510mm 100MM1530cfm 9501125.00
8" x 10"560mm 100MM1530cfm 1250+1250.00

Our\ Liquid to Air Tubular chargecooler is a world first exclusive in its design for the industry. The innovative cylindrical shape was designed for drag and street applications, providing maximum cooling, airflow and performance efficiencies. The unit has a unique internal baffle system that ensures an even amount of cooling is provided within the charge cooler itself. The chargecooler can be mounted as close to the manifold as possible, reducing turbo lag and providing maximum performance. Laser TIG welding throughout, power ratings from 260-1250+ BHP, one piece extruded intercooler matrix. You will not find better...

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AVT Alloy Filler Tank and Cap
AVT Alloy Filler Tank and Cap
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